Living Museums

The Duck Church of Lavapiés

15 July 2018

Unless you live on this quiet, narrow street in Lavapiés, there’s almost no reason for you to walk down it – that is, unless you’re going to the Duck Church. Nestled into the ground floor of a centuries-old building lives a tiny temple devoted to the rubber duck, and its priest is Leo Bassi – a 66-year-old clown who was born on tour.

No-frills bars

No-frills bars in peculiar places (Vol II)

13 July 2018

Edward Lawrence continues his offbeat adventures to the most surprisingly located no-frills bars in Madrid. This time, he explores two bus stations, a family-run service station, a shrine to Franco and climbs a hill – passing a decaying bunker – to find serenity in the most peculiar place.

Untold Stories

Dis7opía: when an alternative reality is actually today’s reality

30 June 2018

Over recent years, Black Mirror has become somewhat of a benchmark term to describe any remote attempt within fiction to present an alternative reality. However, Dis7opía, which is currently playing at Sala Intemperie in Malasaña, really is 75 minutes of pure Black Mirror – or at least as much as you can ask for with regards to genre, structure and attention to character in a 50-seat, no-frills venue.

Lost & Found

10 Offbeat finds in Madrid (Vol III)

12 June 2018

Walking around the streets of Madrid never gets old. This time, we’ve uncovered everything from ancient books and up-cycled monastery doorways to secret colour-coded facades and the largest shanty town in Europe. Enjoy!