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Lost & Found

Lost & Found

Map of bombed Madrid reveals a city secretly scarred

26 March 2019

Enrique Bordes and Luis de Sobrón, creators of the map Madrid Bombardeado 1936-1939, are part of a growing movement to expose the lost stories of the Spanish Civil War. They’re tracking down our city’s hidden wounds and opening them back up in the hope that by redressing them properly, they can finally heal. 

Lost & FoundNo-Frills Finds

10 no-frills finds (Vol. VI)

6 March 2019

Lined up for you, I’ve got two bars, one of which is 316 years old. Also, two no-frills eateries on two different continents, a few local architectural phenomenons spanning various eras, and a virtual ticket to some of Madrid’s nethermost barrios. Sound good? Then dive in…

Lost & FoundLost Stories

Madrid’s lost stories (Vol. VII)

28 February 2019

A lot has happened in the last 100 years. Trees have been chopped down, and men’s role models no longer have hair down to their hips. The metro continues to be a fascinating labyrinth of lost and found stories but, it’s in Madrid’s other modes of transport that I’ve discovered a breach in the Madrid time continuum.

Latest ObsessionLiving Museums

Latest obsession: confessionals

11 January 2019

I’ve got a confession to make: I’m a little bit obsessed with confessionals. I suspect this might be one of the weirdest things a priest could ever be told through a latticed window, but although I have no intention of repenting my curiosity-related sins, an explanation might be helpful…

Lost & FoundLost Stories

Madrid’s lost stories (Vol. VI)

26 December 2018

Would you love to see trees, grass and fountains on Plaza Mayor again? Me too. The same can’t be said for the other lost stories I’ve dug up, however. Open-cast construction sites, cars parked in unthinkable places, and a city at war are all part of Madrid’s endlessly fascinating past… 

Lost & FoundNo-Frills Finds

10 no-frills finds (Vol. V)

15 November 2018

In this volume of no-frills finds, we reveal the location of two classic bodegas, one no-frills microbrewery, and a bustling seafoodie gem.  We also document two separate sightings of Madrid’s past, which had been lying dormant beneath our feet this whole time. It paid to go little off-grid too, leading us to a burnt-out train driver’s cabin and the quirkiest museum we’ve found yet.


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