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Vallecas: Madrid’s rebellious working-class neighbourhood

25 November 2017

Vallecas is a working-class neighbourhood with an unstoppable fire in its belly. It emerged out of a slum, only to be beaten back to the bones again by the most brutal pummelling the Spanish Civil War could give. Since then, this hard-left barrio has become a close-knit community and home to thousands of immigrants from all around the world, making it one of the most mesmerising corners of Madrid.

Secret Locations

Ten offbeat finds in Madrid (Vol. I)

30 October 2017

Madrid is a complex city that likes to reveal itself slowly, keeping you in constant awe of its depths, expanse and infinite detail. The forgotten secrets, concealed corners and vibrant subcultures in just this city alone could keep you exploring for a lifetime, but here’s a good starting point.

Secret Locations

Explore Madrid’s ghost buildings before they vanish

26 September 2017

We’re in a surreal time in Madrid, somewhere between crisis and post-crisis. With the economy in motion again, the city’s charming madrileño hum is being shattered by the crash-bang-drill-beep of construction work and, for a brief moment, a peculiar phenomenon is appearing.

Secret Locations

La Almudena: Explore Madrid’s city of the dead

7 March 2017

Over five million people are buried, stacked and stored as ashes in Madrid’s biggest graveyard. Its size and layout make it feel like more of a city than a cemetery – it has a historic centre, named streets, and neighbourhoods with different characters.