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Madrid Artists

Madrid Artists

Exhibition photos for sale!

6 February 2018

Did you know that our exhibition is now for sale? Take a scroll through our most iconic photos and imagine them on the bright white walls of your beautiful Madrid apartment.

Madrid Artists

Madrid No Frills photo exhibition: 1.12–31.12

2 December 2017

Inside the old lift shaft of a former brothel, we’re holding a 22-photo exhibition throughout the month of December. Each photograph displayed on these walls is connected to one of our articles, helping you explore Madrid’s less-beaten path.

Madrid Artists

Illustrations by a boy who grew up in Chueca

6 September 2017

Growing up in Chueca was eye-opening for Miguel. He was exposed to things that some parents would do their best to protect their child from seeing. He was surrounded by drugs, sex, filth and death – the foundations upon which Chueca’s character is built.