Ruta de Samosas: the best of Indian street food

7 November 2016
Veg, chicken and meat samosas

The street food phenomenon has exploded in Madrid and the fallout of food trucks and Asian eateries is an exciting thing to see. But there’s a no-frills member of this culinary trend – it’s been around for a little while now and is unsurprisingly still the best: the €1 samosa. 

These street-style samosas are the most authentic item of Indian food I’ve found in Madrid so far. In fact, they’re just like the ones you can find in India.

Street samosas in my Dad's hometown in South India

Street samosas in my Dad’s home town in South India

Here’s Madrid No Frills’ three-stop track for this three-pointed snack:


Euro Asia’s samosas are the plumpest of the €1 samosas, and the owner from Bangladesh makes them (veg and chicken) with soft pastry just like at home. This little local is right in front of Lavapiés metro entrance, so if you pass by often, why not make their €1 samosa a regular thing?

On the left: Veg samosas. On the right: Chicken samosas

On the left: veg samosas. On the right: chicken samosas

A freshly prepared batch of samosas

A batch of freshly prepared samosas

  • Address: C/ Argumosa, 1


There’s a large variety of street food here: onion bhajis, chicken pakora, sheesh kebab and more. The owner is from Pakistan and all snacks and sweets served here are typical of his country. There are three types of €1 samosas here: vegetable, chicken and ‘meat’.

Veg, chicken and meat samosas

Veg, chicken and meat samosas

  • Address: C/ Amparo, 52


This is my go-to place for Indian sweets and is mentioned in Where to buy Indian spices. The owner of Noman is also from Pakistan and all snacks are typical of this part of South Asia. There are also a variety of street food snacks, as in Samee (see pic below):

Veg samosas

Veg samosas, sheesh kebab, onion bhajis and chicken legs

  • Address: C/Tribulete 13

Bear these little samosa stops in mind for when you feel peckish on a bar-crawl around Lavapiés, or even better, make a night of it.

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Lorena 5 November 2017 at 5:09 pm

Today I tried the 1€ vegetables and chicken Samosas. They are great! Thanks for sharing!

Madrid No Frills 5 November 2017 at 8:28 pm

You’re absolutely welcome Lorena! Glad you enjoyed them – they’re so good!


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