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El Alamín: The utopian ghost town on the outskirts of Madrid

22 May 2020

In early March, just two weeks before lockdown began, photojournalism student Tamar Shemesh took a trip to El Alamín, a tiny ghost town 70 kilometres west of Madrid. In this reportage, she tells us what she found and what she learned – all aided by hauntingly beautiful photographs – and how it reminded her of Israel, her home.

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Madrid’s lost stories (Vol. VII)

28 February 2019

A lot has happened in the last 100 years. Trees have been chopped down, and men’s role models no longer have hair down to their hips. The metro continues to be a fascinating labyrinth of lost and found stories but, it’s in Madrid’s other modes of transport that I’ve discovered a breach in the Madrid time continuum.

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Madrid’s lost stories (Vol. VI)

26 December 2018

Would you love to see trees, grass and fountains on Plaza Mayor again? Me too. The same can’t be said for the other lost stories I’ve dug up, however. Open-cast construction sites, cars parked in unthinkable places, and a city at war are all part of Madrid’s endlessly fascinating past… 

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Madrid’s lost stories (Vol. V)

8 June 2018

Spain is different. Its history is all around us, yet it’s often difficult to unravel because of the post-dictatorial ‘pact of silence’ that still seems to haunt modern Spanish society. But, we’re doing our best to uncover Madrid’s lost stories, with six more curious photo-assisted tales awaiting you in just one click…

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Madrid’s lost stories (Vol. IV)

19 April 2018

Many know that Ernest Hemingway was here during Spanish Civil War, but did you know where he was staying, or who he was having an affair with? Also in this volume of lost stories, we uncover floods, Madrid’s lost tramlines and the blessed metro line.

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Madrid’s lost stories (Vol. III)

16 March 2018

In this volume of Madrid’s lost stories, we reveal the vengeful reasons behind the demolition of a beautiful Madrid building, a lost metro entrance, evidence of Madrid’s questionable city centre zoo, and a few more surprises.

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Madrid’s lost stories (Vol. II)

5 February 2018

Did you know that there used to be a huge, octagonal market in Chamberí, or that the first passengers of one of Madrid’s metro lines were actually dead? Here are six old photographs and the forgotten stories behind them, but if you believe in ghosts, I recommend you scroll past number 3.

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Madrid’s lost stories (Vol. I)

17 November 2017

Everyone loves a good old ‘did you know…?’ story, so here are six incredible historical discoveries that are still in evidence today. Store each of these old photographs in a primely positioned corner of your mind and walk the streets of Madrid seeing double. It might take you a while you get anywhere, but it’s unacceptable to be in a rush here anyway.


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