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1 July 2020

Dear future student,

Welcome to the Madrid No Frills University for the Bloggers of the Future!

I’m Leah, the founder and No-Frills Mentor of the MNF University and I’m here to equip you with all the tools you need to be the best blogger you can be.

Are you ready to acquire four years of socially conscious blogging experience in just four weeks? Are you ready to take it, own it and stand on the shoulders of giants? And are you ready to become an unstoppable force on the Internet and take on the world, one post at a time?

Then enrol today!

Blogger of the Future apparatus: computer, camera, notebook, pen & post-it notes.

About the course

The MNF Course for Bloggers of the Future is a series of four workshops which will equip you with the wide range of skills needed for socially conscious blogging: in-depth investigating, engaging writing, strong photography & editing, powerful social media, ethics, legalities and self-care.

This course also includes one-to-one post-graduate mentorship, an invitation into the exclusive MNF Alumni Facebook group, and an opportunity to gain lots of new followers!

About Madrid No Frills

In the summer of 2016, Madrid No Frills was born. This unassuming publication was created to fill a gap: to give a voice to all those wonderful places, people and stories that all other Madrid blogs ignored. I started off by fighting for those little old bars and restaurants that were about to be gentrified out of existence, but as my audience grew, I realised I had the influence to do so much more.

I now challenge the status quo on discrimination, laws, tourism, history and even the Covid-19 pandemic. I tell hidden truths through human stories and inform thousands of people about topics that the mainstream media won’t, and am the proud owner of a platform powerful enough to make a visible difference to Madrid.

MNF now has a social media following of over 22,000 people, reaches 25,000 readers per month, has gone viral twice – and, I have never paid for advertising. My blog has been featured by global publications Condé Nast Traveller (twice), Architectural Digest, My Modern Met and Accidentally Wes Anderson (twice, including in their new book!). And in Spain, you can find me featured in El País (twice), Yorokobu, Público, S-Moda, Madrid Secreto, and The Local.

I’m also a freelance journalist and photographer published in The Guardian, Al Jazeera and The Daily Beast, and in Food and Travel publications including Saveur and Fodors. And, I learned all of the writing, photography and investigative skills needed to get published in the biggest newspapers in the world through Madrid No Frills.

My followers includes newspapers, journalists, politicians, activists and influencers, but most importantly, my following includes aspiring students like you: the bloggers of the future.

Leah, the founder and No-Frills Mentor of the MNF University.

Who can enrol?

  • Aspiring bloggers thinking of or planning on starting a blog,
  • Beginner bloggers already on the beat but looking for new skills,
  • Veteran bloggers who want to shift towards more socially conscious content.

Workshop details

  • Four live Zoom workshops over four consecutive weeks during August.
  • Each workshop is one hour long with an additional 30-min Q&A session afterwards.
  • First workshop: 4th August. Last workshop: 27th August.
  • There are three slots for each session: Tuesdays at 18:00 CET (UTC+2), Wednesdays at 20:00 and Thursdays at 12:00 CET (UTC+2).
  • If you miss a session, don’t worry. Each session will be recorded and sent to you at the end of each week.

Starting a blog: A brief history of surprising impact

In this first workshop, I take you behind the scenes for a brief history of Madrid No Frills, examining four years of success after success. By looking into how this blog has grown, evolved and expanded over the past four years, you will acquire sound basics with which you may embark on your own Internet endeavour.

Finding stories: Investigating, conducting interviews & taking risks

In this session, I share with you my vast archive of resources to help you source the right information and to get in touch with the right people. We also look at interview techniques, how to built trust with your subjects and the types of questions that can extract compelling and intriguing responses. Safety should never be overlooked when entering peoples homes, social centres, squats and riots – I share my tips on how to best approach these territories without appearing guarded.

Accuracy: Ethics, fake news, privacy & restrictions

Gain the confidence you need in covering sensitive topics by being correctly informed, knowing how to carefully inform your readers and, crucially, distancing yourself from grey areas. In this workshop, learn how to scrutinise your sources, fact-check and filter out disinformation, fake news and ignorance. Master language sensitivity, how to avoid libel in both writing and photography, and how to deal with the Gag Law (Spain’s repressive law restricting freedom of expression) for Spain-based bloggers.

How to write: Capturing readers’ hearts & minds

Now that you’re equipped with the most important tools, I show you how to create a powerful article that flows, engages and galvanises. Harness the power of keeping it simple and informative, because this isn’t just about creating content, it’s about telling stories that matter. Learn how to write informative, in-depth features and investigative reports, and how to capture your readers’ hearts and minds.

Photography: Shooting, processing & editing photographs

I’m often asked what camera I use, but all of my cameras are at least 10 years old (back when I was a professional photographer) and my equipment is way behind the technology being sold today. That doesn’t seem to stop me getting my photos published in The Guardian or Al Jazeera, or printing and selling them, or getting thousands of ‘likes’ on Instagram. In fact, it’s often my phone camera that captures my most famous shots.

In this workshop, I show you how to take a variety of story-telling photos, from portraits and streetscapes to candid moments and action shots. Learn how to be discreet and respectful to your environment while still capturing those unique moments. Explore various editing techniques using Photoshop and VSCO, and borrow my secret tricks to achieve all those ‘likes’ and click-throughs.

Social media: Engagement, trending & going viral

Social media isn’t just about SEO, trending and engaging content; it’s about authenticity and nurturing a loyal audience. In this workshop, I teach you how to curate a captivating social media presence that both attracts new followers and also holds on to those you already have because, in the end, they’re the people who are going to effect the actions you ask of them, and that is what this whole thing is about.

Self-care: Setting goals & knowing your limits

Blogging is incredibly empowering – people are listening to you and that should not be underestimated. But it can also be an exhausting rollercoaster of pressure highs and creative lows. In this final session, we deal with blogger burnout and the positives and negatives of setting goals, and also setting your limits to ensure long-running success.

MNF Graduation Ceremony: Sharing your work & discussing ideas

This ceremony is just the first of many opportunities I will give you to take the mic. Following this, you will receive your formal invitation to the exclusive MNF Alumni Facebook Group, and learn about your next step: mentoring!

MNF Graduates’ Mentorship 
  • An optional one-to-one zoom chat about your next steps,
  • Ongoing support via a secret Facebook group exclusively for MNF Alumni,
  • A MNF Alumni group Zoom catch-up call one month after graduation,
  • A feature on MNF about your blog!

Price & Discounts

As you’ll see, I’ve set my prices incredibly low because I want this course to be accessible to everyone – not just the elite few – and especially to those who have suffered economically during the pandemic and are thinking of embarking on something new and exciting!

  • €80 for the whole course
  • €60 early-bird fee (offer ends 17th July at midnight!)
  • Discounts: Become a Madrid No Frills Patron and access three levels of discounts (applicable to early-bird fee too):
    • 5% discount for $1 & $3 Patrons
    • 10% discount for $5+ Patrons

Sign up quick to secure your place!

Send me an email to (subject: Course) to sign up and receive payment info.

  • Please state which time slot you prefer:
    • Tuesdays at 18:00 CET (UTC+2) CLASS FULL!
    • Wednesdays at 20:00 CET (UTC+2) CLASS FULL!
    • Thursdays at 12:00 CET (UTC+2) CLASS FULL!
  • Remember: the early-bird offer of €60 ends 17th July at midnight!

What are you waiting for? Enrol today!

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