Untold Stories

The shrapnel-scarred bungalow challenging Spain’s civil war amnesia

19 April 2020

It is only by chance that a small bungalow in Madrid bearing the scars of Nazi shelling still survives. And it is only by pure coincidence that, just a decade ago, this fact came to light when photographer and archeologist Jose Latova stumbled across a photograph taken by the Hungarian war photographer Robert Capa. Its residents share their stories.

Untold Stories

Portrait of an abuelo under lockdown

29 March 2020

At 94, Abuelo’s physical health is enviable to many who are decades younger. These days, his biggest health worry is not coronavirus-related, but that “estas piernas se me están resistiendo”.


The art of war on Coronavirus

21 March 2020

The fight against coronavirus echoes something hauntingly familiar in Spain, and it’s from this dark period in history that local artist Félix Rodriguez has found inspiration. From the confines of his home in Madrid where he remains, like the rest of us, under lockdown, a renaissance is happening.


Trapdoor to Catania No Frills

9 March 2020

I’d like to transport you to a place where the streets are paved with volcanic rock that braid the city, and crumbling houses wrap around outcrops of ancient lava flow.

Untold Stories

A tribute to the Madrid play school lost to gentrification

8 March 2020

There’s so much expectation from the moment babies appear, so much judgment. I feel like I am failing at everything – constantly. Your lack of time can lead to a sense of losing yourself, leading to the conundrum every parent puzzles over: what did I do with all that time before?


Míticos, típicos y no-frilleños: Malasaña’s 10 best bars

8 February 2020

The bares típicos are one of the things I deeply love Spain for. The way you can pop in for a coffee in a glass, a caña, a tapa, a few words with the person behind the bar and other people in the bar – a sense of connection to simple uplifting things.


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