My Storytellers of the Future Class of 2024

My Storytellers of the Future class has come to a close. Bringing all of these brilliant and inspiring minds together was one of the absolute highlights of my year! We had an absolute blast and I feel so lucky to now know every single one of these amazing people.

Here’s a small selection of class portraits by the brilliant Sofia Boriosi, who is also one of my Storytellers of the Future.

The purpose of telling stories is to help people make sense and order of what’s going on around us, and to engage, inform and empower the public.

Choose what to cover. Use your knowledge, background and lived experiences to get to the core of what’s happening and why. Cover the stories that no one else will, and report on the big stories in your own way. Explain why the public should care, and advocate for the communities involved. Go even further and organise, bringing communities together to find solutions.This is independent journalism through the power of storytelling and we need more of it.

Are you interested in my next Storytellers of the Future course? Send me, Leah, an email to to join the early-bird email list for info on all upcoming courses!

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