The no-frills photographer who sees beauty in Madrid’s overlooked side

29 August 2017

Madrid is one of those places whose streets you can walk down again and again, and still see something new each time.

Perhaps you’ve spotted a brand-new bar, or one that’s just put up a ‘for sale’ sign. Some roadworks that have suddenly exposed century-old cobbles, or a manhole cover because it’s just been overturned as part of a silent protest. Or maybe there’s an empty shop unit that you never paid much attention to but, now that someone’s painted a mural on it, you’re asking yourself how it took you this long to even realise it was a shop unit.

Who put those flowers there? Did someone die in a horrific accident? And that tree… when was that planted? Also, you’re pretty sure those houses that you passed on the train were occupied, but today there’s a gap in the clouds beaming an unusual light upon them, and now you see that they don’t even have windows.

British photographer Richard Page makes you notice the unnoticed, and not only that. He draws out its beauty, an aspect you may never have seen without him showing it to you. His photographs achieve a perfect balance between unemotional straight lines and soft, natural forms. Page’s images also often feature Spain’s iconic blue skies and golden carpet of dried-up shrubs that have been all but incinerated by the fantastically hot Spanish sun.

I mainly just wander around finding odd things to photograph. Madrid is a great city to photograph”  – Richard Page

Here’s a selection of photographs from his latest Spain series, Dialogue of the Dogs (All photographs © Richard Page):


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