The Ticket

That’s me, Leah. I’m the woman behind Madrid No Frills

Until now, I’ve remained fairly quiet, slowly working away behind the scenes, creating something nobody else will. For three years, I’ve been documenting Madrid’s vulnerable side and raising awareness of how we can all help: from having a caña in a no-frills bar to taking to the streets and shouting! I’ve shared everything I’ve discovered with you – good and bad – in the hope that you’ll be galvanised to cherish and help the little guy too, and you have. So, so much!

Madrid No Frills has been and always will be free.

What many of you may not realise is that MNF is not a professional blog – it’s my passion. I’ve created all of this without receiving a single cent, because I love it. Madrid No Frills has always been and will always my gift to you and to Madrid.

But after receiving countless messages from you telling me how much you love what I do, I started wondering what MNF could become if I gave it even more of my time… time beyond evenings and weekends: professional time.

What if I took this to the next level?

What if one new article per week became 10? What if saving dozens of local gems became hundreds? What if the hard-hitting stories from victims of gentrification, racism, homophobia and poverty could reach an even wider audience? MNF delivers the independent journalism and recommendations that Madrid so badly needs, and I think it’s time I took this project to the next level!

I will do it my way.

Madrid No Frills will remain independent and I will continue saying whatever I want. This blog will remain free of ads and sponsors and will not be influenced by rich businessmen. I’ve never accepted freebies, never run ads and never done sponsored posts, and I’ve turned down every damn investor who wants to buy my blog.

And no matter what happens – whether this whole Ticket thing is a huge success or a terrible, embarrassing flop – Madrid No Frills will always remain absolutely free to all of you, forever!

Am I crazy? Some people think so. Am I determined? Yes! Because I’ve created a platform that gives a voice to those who aren’t heard – a platform that shines light on the invisible and sees the extraordinary in the ordinary. Only you will ever be given the right to support that.

Time for the underdog to rival the big guys.

If you believe in Madrid No Frills and want to see it evolve into a rebel publication that rivals the big guys, then support will make that happen. I’ve set my donation level low because I refuse to be elitist about who can be involved in my community.

Just €3 will unlock my hidden content created specially with you in mind, where I’ll reveal all the hard work that goes on behind the scenes – the work that you’re supporting! And, if you can afford to give Madrid No Frills even more support, I’ve lined up a few extras to say an extra special thank you.

I can do this, but not without you.

Asking for your money is not a decision I’ve taken lightly, but I’ve begun to realise that for the sake of this city – for the sake of Madrid’s disappearing bars, its marginalised communities and its struggling soul – Madrid No Frills must grow!

So, are you ready for the adventure?

Hi-five for standing by me all these years! Without you, none of this would have been possible. And now, with you by my side and your continued support, let’s begin a whole new adventure together!

Thank you,

Leah 🙂


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