Madrid No Frills is a grassroots media project addressing the issues that define our city today. It was founded by me, Leah Pattem, and has around 10 regular collaborators who investigate and cover under-reported stories that the mainstream media repeatedly refuse to prioritise.​


Since the summer of 2016, when MNF was born, I’ve been driven to bring you real-life stories told by the very people that don’t receive the media coverage they deserve. Understand how racism, exploitation and poverty is structural, and how communities experiencing this are overcoming it together. This growing platform is for their stories to be told, and for their unfiltered voice to be heard by you.


​You may have noticed that, unlike the vast majority of publications, MNF remains free of ads, sponsors and investors. Independence is key and we will not be influenced by those in a position of privilege or power, remaining free to publish what matters and strong enough to challenge the status quo. Therefore I invite only our audience to support this project and only you to help us keep doing what we do.


I’ve set the price of each membership level incredibly low because I refuse to be elitist about who can support this project. One hundred €1 supporters mean far more than one €100 supporter. Take a browse through the three membership options, €1, €3 and €5 and see which one suits you best. You’re also welcome to set your own payment and can sign up for a whole year.

Here’s what your Patreon membership will look like…

If you appreciate what we do, have learned from our work and would like to support a project that’s strives to raise awareness of the issues that affect Madrid today, please consider becoming a Patron and help this project grow.