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MNF Storytelling course: Apply now!

Having previously run five successful booked-out courses on blogging, photography and journalism, I'm delighted to be offering this brand-new course and bringing more niche storytellers into the industry.

MNF Storytelling course: Apply now!

Choose what to cover. Use your knowledge, background and lived experiences to get to the core of what’s happening and why. Cover the stories that no one else will, and report on the big stories in your own way. Explain why the public should care, and advocate for the communities involved. Go even further and organise, bringing communities together to find solutions.

Vecinos de Lavapiés se enfrentan al desahucio por parte de una productora de cine

Buenavista 25 y Zurita 22 son dos pintorescos edificios residenciales en Lavapiés, situados en calles paralelas. Están conectados por un pequeño patio, a través del cual los vecinos de los 10 pisos intercambiaban poco más que saludos cordiales mientras tendían la ropa a secar. Sin embargo, a mediados de marzo, tuvieron que ir mucho más allá de la cordialidad y convertirse en aliados al enterarse de que sus dos edificios habían sido comprados por la productora cinematográfica Gloriamundi Producciones. La empresa ha empezado a presionar a los inquilinos para que se marchen, pero ellos no piensan dejar atrás sus recuerdos, sean de un año o de toda una vida.

Meet the Lavapiés neighbours facing eviction by a film company

Buenavista 25 and Zurita 22 are the addresses of two charming residential buildings in Lavapiés that stand back-to-back on parallel streets. They’re connected by a small patio, where residents of the 10 flats exchange pleasantries while hanging their washing out to dry. However, in mid-march, pleasantries turned to organising when tenants learned that both of their buildings had been bought by film production company Gloriamundi Producciones. The corporation is now actively pressuring tenants to leave, but they have no plans on leaving their memories – not of one year nor a lifetime – behind.

The police in Lavapiés are not here to protect us

On Good Friday morning in Lavapiés, two young black men were filmed by a passerby being violently forced to the ground by police officers. One officer placed a man in a chokehold position while another officer beat his lower back until he was flat on the ground.

Explore 250 of Madrid’s metro stations with this artist’s intricate drawings

The layout of stations directly impacts people's mobility. Some cities have taken intermodality (the desire to make using more than one mode of transport during a single journey as easy as possible) as a serious issue, while others have not given importance. Albert explains that there are several key aspects to ensure quality to the transfers: "distance, the lack of architectural barriers, timetable coordination and a good wayfinding system, among others."

‘They will not move us!’: Football fans protest the demolition of Vallecas stadium by creating human chain

A chain of around 400 people surrounded the Rayo Stadium this Saturday to defend its survival in the barrio of Vallecas, and against building a new, bigger stadium outside the neighbourhood. Fans told the press that the club doesn’t need "a stadium of 40,000 people" and that, if necessary, it’s possible to remodel it to adapt it to current times without changing its location.

Music and protest against the eviction of Tribulete 7, Lavapiés

No one does protest like the neighbours of Lavapiés. On Saturday 3 February, 10 bands played on the stage of the neighbours: in the kitchens, living rooms and doorways of @vecinostribulete7 bringing an unprecedented concert to a building of 50 flats that are set to be evicted.

52 pisos en Tribulete 7 se enfrentan a un desahucio masivo, pero los vecinos se resisten

José (de 71 años) es inquilino de toda la vida del edificio 7 en la calle Tribulete, en Lavapiés. Su hija Blanca, apodada Blankita por sus padres, pasó los primeros 30 años de su vida allí. A pesar de ya no vivir allí, ha tomado la batuta – junto con su madre, Blanca – de la defensa del piso en el que sus padres han vivido durante más de 40 años.

52 flats at Tribulete 7 are facing mass eviction but tenants are fighting back

José, 71, is a lifelong tenant of Calle Tribulete 7 in Lavapiés. His daughter Blanca, who José calls ‘Blankita’, spent the first 30 years of her life here. Despite no longer living here, she has taken up the mantle – along with her mother Blanca – of defending the apartment in which her parents have lived for more than 40 years. 

Did you know that a tiny bit of the Camino de Santiago exists between two Madrid metro stations?

Following the train tracks (and veering off them every now and again) reveals the industrial past of the Jarama Valley: current and disused railway infrastructure, an old fly-tipping zone (with a warning sign in pesetas!), bunkers and abandoned agricultural buildings. Dipping into Arganda, you can also visit a tiny barrio of only casas bajas with traditional door curtains and, of course, lots of storks.