‘No a la Tala!’: As Madrid’s mass tree felling begins, residents are fighting back

On Monday, less than 24 hours after the election in which we saw the right lose nationally, the same right-wing-run city council began preparations for works on Calle Áncora to expand Madrid’s metro network. These works come at the sacrifice of over 1000 mature trees, which residents are strongly resisting.

Brand-new neighbourhood pressure movement @barrionosetala has formed to stop the deforestation. All trees predicted to be felled have been marked with an A4 poster of a red cross, demanding the tree be left in place. Businesses and flats in the area have ‘NO A LA TALA’ (no to felling) posters in their windows, and sellotaped to terraces and lampposts.

The council has offered no alternative plans surrounding the Line 11 metro works, despite a unified resistance from neighbours who believe chopping down so many trees is completely unnecessary. The group has organised their third protest tomorrow:

🕗 Thursday 8pm
📍 On the corner of Áncora & Gral. Lacy

🗳️ 28M & 23J Election results:

Calle Áncora belongs to Madrid’s pink archipelago, with residents voting overwhelming for Sumar on Sunday. The barrio also voted for a left-wing majority in the 28M municipal elections.


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