Parvenn Akter Indian Spice Shop

The Lavapiés sweets and spices shops

Author: Leah Pattem

Wander around Lavapiés’ maze of connected high streets and find dozens of Asian spice stores firmly grounded. Gentrification is going to need to work hard to push these neighbours out.


Some of my favourite places to buy Indian ingredients are Parvenn Akter Spice Shop on Calle Miguel Servet, 8, and Spice Bazar on Calle Lavapiés, 49. The huge variety of products and brands in this shop are the same as those found in India, and are priced very reasonably.

Spices, teas, lentils, pickles, oils and more at Spices at Parvenn Akter
Scotch Bonnets, Green Chilis, Okra (Ladies' Fingers) and Yuca at Parvenn Akter
Parvenn Akter Indian Spice Shop

Middle Eastern, North African, Sub-Saharan African, Caribbean and East Asian products are also sold here and in other shops in Lavapiés. You can find tahini, harissa, yucca, palm oil, coconut oil, date syrup, rose water, dried fish, lime pickle, pickled jellyfish, lentils, black salt, durian, scotch bonnet chilli peppers, basmati rice, fresh mint and coriander, just to name a few things.


For Indian sweets, Noman Sweet Shop on Calle Tribulete, 13 is great. They also have some home-made savoury snacks like vegetable samosas and onion bhajis. Open late, they’re a great place for a between-bar foodie pit stop.

Indian Snacks and Sweets at Noman Sweet Shop

Samee Sweet shop is another of my favourites. They also have delicious samosas which I make a regular stop for on my commute home. 



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