Photographers of the Future

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One of the strengths of Madrid No Frills is the way I use both photography and writing in covering stories. Visual storytelling is not just a skill of mine; it’s a passion, and I want to share it with you too.

In my brand-new workshop, Photographers of the Future, learn how to create a visual history of our time. Learn everything from developing an idea right through to creating a finished photography project, and how to accompany your images with writing in a way that respects the subject and impacts the spectator.

Let’s show the world something it’s never seen before, and let’s do it together!

About the course

Photographers of the Future comprises three weekly workshops, each lasting two hours. Here’s a peek at what the course is like in person in Madrid!

Class 1 amphitheatre setup ready for students to arrive!
Class 2 workshop set-up starting with an inspiring photography book show-and-tell!
My class of amazing and talented people enjoying doing a group-work task together!

Class 1

In the first session, I’ll take you behind the scenes of Madrid No Frills and show you how I developed a career in photography, photojournalism and journalism (they’re all different but all have a lot in common). I’ll share with you some of my most iconic photo reportages and how and why I decided to create them. Then, we’ll look at the difference between professional photojournalism and nonprofessional visual storytelling, and how both play important roles in documenting the world. We’ll examine ethics, media law and professional standards in the public sphere, and how to approach subjects while ensuring they’re not being exploited – something that’s all too common in the media.

We’ll learn how to take photos: where to put yourself, how to get the right frame and angle, and how the whole process really works. Then, homework for this session is to begin exploring ideas for your final photo reportage project.

Class 2

Session two is about ideas. We’ll learn about various photography concepts including Social Realism and Creative Documentary. In small groups, we’ll examine our favourite books, historical reportages, and contemporary photographers from all around the world. We’ll look at how to write to accompany images, and get an understanding of the impact a good (and bad) explanation can have on a set of photographs.

Then, we’ll bring in your own visions and life experiences in order to explore students’ ideas and set aims and objectives for your final photo reportage. During this week, I’ll be available to support students outside of class too so that you’re prepared for the final session.

Class 3

In session three, students will present their (draft or complete) final photo reportage projects to the rest of the class and open up a dialogue about their work. I know that presenting can be daunting, but this is an opportunity to learn how it feels to have your work out there in the world – which we’ll come to in the next step!


After the course, you have the opportunity to meet with me for an individual or small-group mentoring session, where we can discuss the next steps in your photography venture, including getting published!

About Madrid No Frills

Madrid No Frills is an independent media platform for the stories and images that define Madrid today. It was founded by me, Leah, in 2016 and has a growing team of collaborators. We investigate and cover under-reported stories that the mainstream media refuse to prioritise, and we do so directly through the narratives of the communities living them.

MNF has a social media following of over 40,000 and reaches more than 25,000 readers per month. The platform has been featured by global publications such as the BBC, Al Jazeera, Condé Nast Traveller and The Guardian. In Spain, you can find me featured in El País, El Diario, El Salto, Público, El Confidencial and more. I’m a member of the Madrid Union of Journalists.

About me, Leah!

My vocation is teaching. I’m a trained teacher with 15 years’ experience and, for the last five years, I’ve also worked as a freelance journalist and photojournalist covering stories on Madrid and Spain. My work has appeared on BBC World Service, BBC Arabic and Al Jazeera and in The Guardian, The Daily Beast, El País, El Salto Diario, Zeit and others. I also taught photojournalism at New York University in Madrid for one year.

Despite all of this, I have no formal training in photography or journalism. Like many excellent storytellers and successful journalists, I’m self-taught. I acquired all of my skills through telling stories for Madrid No Frills, and perhaps it’s because I’ve never been formally educated in this field that I’m able to do things a bit differently.

Now, I’d like to share with you everything I know and give you the opportunity to enter the world of photojournalism!

Enrol now and become a Photographer of the Future!

Who can enrol?

  • This course is for anyone interested in visual storytelling – both photography and writing.
  • You don’t need any previous photography or writing experience.
  • You don’t need a professional camera – a decent phone camera or even a disposable camera will do.


Please only apply for this course if you’re happy to do the following:

  • work in a group (high level of English required)
  • dedicate at least three hours between sessions two and three to working on your photo reportage assignment
  • present your photo reportage in the last session

Workshop details

  • Three face-to-face workshops over three consecutive weeks
  • Dates & time: tbc.
  • Location: tbc.
  • Class size of max. 20 people

Price & discounts

I’ve set my prices low because, as a core principle of MNF, I want this to be accessible to everyone.

  • €120 for the whole course
  • €100 early-enrolment fee available
  • Discounts: Become a Madrid No Frills Patron and access three levels of discounts (applicable to the early-bird fee too):
    • 5% discount for $1 & $3 Patrons
    • 10% discount for $5 & annual Patrons

Student feedback from May 2023

“This course is everything I wanted it to be and more!”
“Thank you for making me push myself out of my comfort zone and do something I never knew I was capable of!”
“It’s amazing to have a person of colour doing what you do, you’re a role model for us!”
“Your course is messing with my mind – in a good way!”
“Now I’m ready to be a photographer.

And my favourite quote of all… “More than just teaching us, you fostered a wonderful space for us to form meaningful friendships. So thank you for that.”

Enrol now and become a Photographer of the Future!

Send me an email via the contact form to sign up to the early-bird waiting list. Feel free to ask me any questions about the course, and please tell me a little bit about yourself if you like!

Leah 🙂