10 Madrid No Frills bar backgrounds for your Zoom get-togethers

You probably already know about my long-time obsession with Madrid’s no-frills bars. They’re what I miss most being under lockdown and I suspect you feel similar. 

I miss the waiters shouting orders across the bar, the beer spilling over the top of the glass, and the excitement of not knowing what tapa you’re going to get. I miss the smell of fried fish, the stoicism of the waiters, and the way they soften whenever I start chatting to them about their bar. I miss everything – the chaos, the gambling machines, the wet elbows and all!

So, over the weekend, I had an idea: to set my Zoom background to one of my favourite no-frills bars. When I joined my meeting, I was met with laughter and bewilderment, with one friend even asking how I got into a bar despite them being closed. I suppose I’m determined enough that this could be a genuine possibility, but it was an illusion – one I’m gifting you too, for the love and longevity of Madrid’s no-frills bars.

Bar Santurce
Bar El 2 de Sagasta
Bar Lozano
Cervecería Roca Blanca
El Comunista
Bar El Trebol
Bar La Muralla
Bar La Muralla 2
Bar Aviseo
Bar El Palentino (the original)

Each of the images are Zoom-quality. Simply download the images by right-clicking, or holding down on the image on your phone. To change your Zoom background, follow these instructions.

It may be true that it will be a while yet before Madrid’s no-frills bars reopen, and that not all of them will. But here on this blog and in our virtual world, they live on!

Send this article to all of your friends and decide on which bar to meet in. Then, before you meet, set your backgrounds to be the same, and finally, hold up those cañas and cheers to enjoying a night together – like always – in a good old Madrid no-frills bar.

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