El Rastro 2014 vs 2024: Bar El Diamante becomes a Día supermarket

Author: Leah Pattem

Bar El Diamante was one of the biggest, best and most frequented no-frills bars in El Rastro until the building on Calle Maldonadas 11 was purchased and evicted around 2016/17.

The building remained empty for years until, last week, when a Día supermarket opened in the space of El Diamante and two other merged units in the same building.

Back then, there were no supermarkets in this immediate area. Today, there are two in this block alone and several others in the nearby area. What we’re seeing is the demise of the municipal Mercado and local shops, but also a rise in tourist apartments in the area.

There are rumours that the rest of this building will be a hotel but, for now, it remains renovated but abandoned – speculation in action.


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