Hidden bungalow on the patio of Sala Mirador

The secret Mediterranean patio in Lavapiés

This very no-frills theatre in Lavapiés has got, quite definitely, the best terrace in Madrid. Forget expensive rooftop bars – Sala Mirador is the portal to the Mediterranean that Lavapiés has always been missing.

Just opposite Esta es una Plaza, the entrance to Sala Mirador is almost always closed. Their terrace is only actually accessible during a show, which tends to be on Friday and Saturday evenings. But, should the heavy wooden doors be open, head inside and through the pretty corrala

The corrala leading up to the patio of Sala Mirador

A little further along, emerge out into a stunning secluded patio with Mediterranean foliage and a tiny white bungalow, and there it is: a perfect little no-frills terrace with the peacefulness of a coastal village.

Mediterranean plants and the terrace of Theatre Sala Mirador

Grafitti on the walls of Sala Mirador

Whenever there’s a performance at Sala Mirador, the theatre bar opens and you can go and enjoy a drink on the patio terrace. They pack up the furniture when the show ends at around midnight/1 am, and then it’s kick-out time along with the audience. It’s a very informal affair, wonderfully no-frills and at the same time a stunning place to spend an evening.


  • Sala Mirador: Website and Twitter
  • Address: C/Doctor Fourquet 31
  • Nearest metro: Lavapiés
  • Opening hours: Whenever there’s a performance

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