Map created under lockdown locates all graffiti artworks in Tetuán

Remember when we were only allowed to stroll within one kilometre of our home, and when no bars, no restaurants and only a few shops were open? It led to one woman documenting the open-air art gallery on her doorstep in the neighbourhood of Tetuán. 

What she discovered were no fewer than 402 unique works of art adorning every corner of her barrio: from shutters painted with the items they sell and famous murals spanning four storeys, to spray-painted flowers growing from the ground and radical statements about capitalism and the coronavirus.

I’ve scoured the map with the same obsessive eye that led me to create my own map, and here are some of my favourite finds…

And here is the explorer behind this incredible map – a woman after my no-frills heart.

Download Graffitis en Tetuán by Analía González.

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